Chocolate Coverture

• Transfers


Melt the chocolate covered at 45ºC / 113ºF.
Pour about 3/4 of the amount of chocolate on the table.
Then stir the chocolate dough until it cools to 27ºC / 80.6ºF.
Collect the cooled chocolate and mix with the part that we keep at temperature, to obtain a chocolate at 31ºC / 87.80ºF.
Verify the good crystallization of the chocolate.
Using a sheet of plastic paper, acetate or transfer, pour the chocolate and distribute it in a uniform layer.
Since the chocolate begins to crystallize (which does not stick to the fingers) pre-cut with a knife or cutter.
Cool for 20 min. to finish the crystallization.
Once the pieces are ready, protect with a sheet of plastic to maintain maximum brightness.

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