About Us

We are a company with more than 25 years in the Dominican market. We offer products of the highest quality for the baking, pastry and foodservice industry.

We focus on offering high added value solutions to our customers, so we have a team of more than 200 highly qualified professionals.

NTD Ingredientes was born in the Dominican Republic in 1991, offering our products throughout the national territory. In 2002, we started operations in Mexico, where we currently have offices and warehouses in Cancun, Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos. In 2015, we opened offices in Jamaica.

Mision, Vision and Values


Be the ingredient for success with our stakeholders worldwide commercializing bakery and food services products of the best quality with integrity and creativity.


Quality ingredients, tasty and efficient.


Integrity: Leadership characteristic that highlights your greatest potential. Through self-control, honesty, attention to detail, and constant improvement of your work, you will be recognized as indispensable within our team.

Respect: That which allows you to understand and accept those around you without judgment, but allows you to maintain your own identity. Everyone’s voice deserves the same respect.

Excellence: What differentiates the ordinary from the extraordinary. Through attention to detail when looking at your daily work, we can maintain our highest standards every day.

Affection: The guiding feeling from which friendship, loyalty, and sympathy stem from. Smile!

Services we offer


In order for our clients to learn the latest production techniques, we are constantly giving courses and seminars both at our facilities in the E.P.P, as well as moving to other parts of the country. These courses are taught by foreign technicians sent by the firms that we distribute or by our national techniciansView more

Specialized Technical Advice

Through our technical team made up of bakers and bakers, we provide our clients with specialized advice on products, machinery and equipment.
We also offer free training to bakers and bakers of our customers and support in new product applications, menu elaboration, among others.

Delivery of Goods at Home

We ship goods to any part of the country and we guarantee the delivery of your order within a maximum period of 48 hours.

We have a fleet of dry and refrigerated cargo trucks suitable to give you a fast and personalized delivery service.


Social commitment

In NTD Ingredientes we are committed to the development of society, that is why in 2010 our NTD Ingredients Foundation was born, with the aim of promoting the well-being of people in vulnerable situations, promoting good nutrition and decent work as essential elements for active aging.


NTD Ingredientes Jamaica LTD, Blaise Industrial Complex, Unit 2, 69 -75 Constant Spring Road, Kingston 10. Jamaica W.I.

Your opinion is important to us. Let us know your comments or suggestions.

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